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Century 21 may be the largest real estate organisation in the world and the most recognised real estate brand out there, but we never compromise on our dedication for achieving the best results for our clients who buy and sell real estate.

With thousands of offices around the world, we've developed an unparalleled understanding on how people want to buy, sell and rent property. It's our pleasure to share what we know and give you the best advice possible, while endeavouring to ensure the experience is nothing but exceptional.

We might be the experts, but we're entirely at your service. If you would like to engage a Century 21 Thailand real estate agency's services, contact your local Century 21 branch today.

Our History

Century 21's Thailand-owned arm of our leading worldwide real estate network is serviced, marketed and maintained by Propr and was formed in July 2010 and is operated out of Bangkok. We aim to maintain our position as the leading Thailand property company in the world and we work relentlessly to ensure our valued customers receive the exceptional service they deserve at all times.

Since 2010, Century 21 has firmly established its reputation and become one of the fastest-growing real estate networks in Thailand. We have over 20 independently owned and operated offices throughout Bangkok, Pattaya, Chon Buri, Koh Samui, Phuket, Chiang Mai & more.

Being one of the most respected names in Thailand property comes with a huge responsibility and it is for this reason we implement such high training and ethical standards for our network.

Century 21 is the most recognised global real estate company and we strive to provide premium results for people buying, selling or renting real estate through our network and we have helped thousands through the process of buying a property in Thailand

To learn more about us and our history as a global real estate company, please get in touch with your local Century 21 branch today.

Our Mission Statement

The real estate industry of the 21st Century will be driven by a 'customer service culture' and Century 21 Phuket will lead this evolutionary process. Despite changing cities and new technology, this customer service culture is something that we strongly believe will endure.

The Century 21 System in all its operations, will epitomise not only professional real estate knowledge, but a dedication to integrity and responsiveness to every customer whom we have the privilege of serving – and will be clear, accessible and expert.

This 'service culture' will be promoted, integrated and expected through every level of our system and no deviation from this high ideal will be accepted.

Our customers deserve, and will receive, the finest service offered by any real estate organisation.

To find out more about Century 21, our working philosophy and mission statement, please contact your local Century 21 branch today.

Why Choose Century 21?

Our wealth of experience and customer oriented service continually brings people back to Century 21. We're the experts in real estate and serve every one of our customers to the utmost of our abilities.

We know that many people looking to buy or sell property can feel stressed and confused at times. Century 21 agents will be there when you need them most and will help to overcome any stressful situations that may arise.

We're here to offer you valuable and honest advice when you need it so that you can navigate the best path through the process.

We know the marketplace, the buyers, sellers and neighbourhoods, but most importantly we know how to put our clients' needs first. Our state-of-the-art sales tools and technology is here to make your journey easier and more direct to your final goal. When you come to Century 21, you'll be in control of your sale or purchase and we'll help you get the best result possible.

To find out more about Century 21 and how we can help you, contact your local Century 21 branch today.

Joining Century 21

If you're interested in joining the Century 21 we would love to hear from you. There are numerous ways to work within our global network including:

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